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No Uni - Jersey Day

Show your School Spirit and Wear a Jersey

On Friday, November 25, students are encouraged to wear a team Jersey and any type of bottoms/jeansAlternately, students may wear their school uniform. 

Jersey Day is our second No Uni Day for the year. We had 63% sign up for the year for our first "No Uni for a Toonie" Day, Costume Day, on October 31 - thank you! 

Those who did not pay online for the year previously are invited to pay online in schoolcash: for the subsequent 8 No Uni days = $16. Thank you for your support! Money collected from these days is donated to charities (ie. Terry Fox/Cops for Cancer/Remembrance Day (Veterans), etc.) as well as helping with Gr. 5 activities, school enhancement and to benefit overall student experience. Click here for No Uni - School Spirit Days