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Spring Session Hot Lunch/Treat/Popcorn Days

Now accepting orders on Munch-a-Lunch for the Spring Session (see Order Lunch!). Submit your orders for hot lunches, treat days, and popcorn days. You can place all your orders at once (saves on fees and time) or one at a time.

March 6 - Milk & Cookies Day Orders Close February 28 at 3pm

March 13 - Popcorn Day Orders Close March 6 at 3pm

March 15 - A&W Orders Close March 8 at 3pm

April 3 - Booster Juice Orders Close March 27 at 3pm

April 12 - Dominos Orders Close April 5 at 3pm

April 23 - Popcorn Day Orders Close April 16 at 3pm

May 15 - Cinnamon Buns Orders Close May 8 at 3pm

May 31 - Taco Del Mar Orders Close May 24 at 3pm

Please ensure all orders are submitted and paid by this deadline. Late orders will not be accepted and orders that are unpaid may be cancelled. *Please note that there will be no refunds for missed treats however we will do our best to accommodate other arrangements for any unexpected absences. 

If you would like to help hand out on any of these days please sign up by checking the volunteer box on Munch-a-Lunch or emailing our Volunteer Coordinator at

**Volunteers must be approved through the office and have completed all forms and criminal record checks for the year**

Hot Lunch/Treat Day/Popcorn Day Information

Please note that Hot Lunch/Treat Days/Popcorn Days are NOT refundable.

  • If your child is absent and you would like to pick up their lunch, please contact the Hot Lunch Co-ordinator at with your child's name and division - or the school office (604-557-0422) - PRIOR to 12:30pmWe will do our best to make arrangements with you if we receive enough notice that your child will be away unexpectedly, but cannot make any guarantees. 
  • Orders are NOT kept at the school for Food Safe reasons.

Movie Night Concession

Now accepting orders on Munch-a-Lunch for the PAC Movie Night on March 8 (see Fundraising Open!). Submit your order for Movie Night by March 1 at 3pm. 

​Place Your Order in MunchALunch

MunchALunch Payment Process

Please note: MunchaLunch is no longer using Paypal servers, there is a new payment method which is very easy to use. Parents can pay by credit card (Visa / Mastercard) or with a Credit/Debit card as long as it contains 3 things:  card #, expiry, and cvc#.

After submitting your order, click next.

  • Select Pay by Credit Card
  • Enter Credit Card Info
  • Click Pay. Once processed you will receive an email confirmation of payment received.

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