What is Traditional? Our Ten Tenets are our guiding principles. 

Traditional Schools in Abbotsford:

Auguston Traditional Elementary School
36367 Stephen Leacock Drive,
Abbotsford , B.C.
(604) 557-0422

King Traditional Elementary School
28776 King Road
Abbotsford , B.C.

South Poplar Traditional Elementary School
32746 Huntington Road
Abbotsford, B.C.
(604) 853-1845

Abbotsford Traditional Middle School
2272 Windsor Street
Abbotsford , B.C.
(604) 850-3511

Abbotsford Traditional Secondary School
2272 Windsor Street
Abbotsford , B.C.
(604) 850-7029

Auguston Traditional Elementary School is a catchment school that operates within the Public School System; therefore the prescribed curriculum and regulations of the British Columbia Ministry of Education will be followed. 

We will observe the Traditional model:

  • a consistent, structured approach to instruction
  • clearly defined standards of academic achievement
  • clearly defined standards of behaviour

The traditional school model relies on a high level of parental participation.  Parents are, in a real sense, partners in their child’s education.   Mutual respect and communication are the keys to ensuring that this partnership effectively provides the best educational experience for all our children.  It is vital that all parents understand and support the philosophical stance of the school so that the team can effectively work together.       

A crucial element in establishing the culture of the traditional school is the dress code.  At Auguston we believe that a dress code is important:

  • to help develop a strong school focus and team spirit
  • to give students a sense of belonging to a unique school
  • to discourage competition based on clothing

Parents are expected to fully support the dress code at the school by ensuring that their children are properly attired for school each day.

Homework is Important

Homework is an important part of each student’s academic program and is assigned for any of a number of reasons:

  • to complete work not completed in class
  • to check student’s understanding of items covered in class
  • to provide extra practice
  • to serve as preparation for future lessons
  • to reinforce material that was taught in class
  • to complete a long term project

In 1991 the School District published a Homework procedure.  According to the procedure, the recommended average homework time for elementary students is as follows:

  • grade 2 and 3 15 - 30 minutes per day for 4 days
  • grade 4 and 5 30 - 60 minutes per day for 4 days

The procedure states that times should be flexible for teachers and students.

Homework Policy

Students who complete homework on a regular basis develop sound work habits and routines. Those students who do not, affect their own progress as well as hinder the pace of the lesson and the progress of the other students.  They often require extra assistance from their teacher to catch up. 

If a student has a valid reason for not completing homework, parents should write a note to explain the incomplete homework and the child will be excused.  If there is no note for incomplete homework the steps outlined in the Parent Handbook and Homework notice will be followed.  

If a student is experiencing difficulty with a homework assignment he/she may ask for help from his/her teacher.

Most students at Auguston complete their homework regularly.  For a few students who forget occasionally the reminders at level one should correct the problem.  For the very few students who consistently do not complete their homework, the more serious consequences may be necessary.

This homework policy has been established to support student achievement.  Any system is rendered less effective without parental support.  We request your help and support with homework and the homework policy.

Reporting Procedures


Reporting takes many forms: telephone calls, notes sent home, or after-school conversations.  Formal report cards are issued three times a year.  At other times during the year, interim reports may be issued at the discretion of individual teachers.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be scheduled in October.  All parents are encouraged to visit the school with their child to discuss his/her progress with the teacher. 

Student Discipline Policy


Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for all our students.    To help us do this we need to have a code of conduct that our students will understand.

We believe that discipline should:

  • show students what they have done wrong,
  • show students how they are responsible for their actions,
  • show students that there are consequences,
  • show students that they can create solutions,
  • keep student's dignity intact.

We believe that the school and the home must work together as partners for the benefit of our children.