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Criminal Record Checks

All Volunteers MUST have a Criminal Record Check (CRC) completed prior to volunteering at Auguston, as well as safety training and orientation, and the necessary forms submitted. Thank you for your support in completing the necessary requirements.

WHERE: School Board Office (SBO), 2790 Tims Street, Abbotsford, BC V2T 4M7
WHEN: 8am to 4pm (it is NOT necessary to book an appointment)
WHAT TO BRING: 2 pieces of valid ID
ADDITIONAL INFO.: Volunteer CRCs are FREE of charge. You will not be given a copy of the CRC nor does the school have a copy of it.

CRC Information from Abbotsford School District

  • Volunteer CRC Form Volunteers need to complete all sections highlighted in BLUE and bring two pieces of valid ID to the School Board Office to complete the application. Applications are currently taking 5-6 weeks to process.
  • CRC Process and FAQ

Have Questions?

Please contact Reception at the School Board Office at PH: 604-859-4891 or email: criminal.check@abbyschools.ca

Not sure if you have ALREADY completed a Criminal Record Check and if it is current (lasts 5 years)? Check with the office at auguston@abbyschools.ca.

Volunteer Procedures (steps outlined below and in the attachments)

** Volunteer forms MUST be completed EVERY SCHOOL YEAR - exception is the Criminal Record Check which is good for 5 years **

** No Official Health Check is Required. Everyone should assess their health before entering a school district building. Please do NOT come to the school if you are sick. **

Please fill out the attachments electronically and send to auguston@abbyschools.ca (alternately, print and submit to the school office or pick up paper copies).

Thank you to all our volunteers here at Auguston!