"No Uni for a Toonie" for the Year

October 7, 2022

Show your School Spirit

In an effort to streamline and reduce cash* being handled at schools we have set up our “No Uni for a Toonie” days with the option to be paid online in schoolcash. This also makes it easier for parents.

We have established a set number of these days (9 “no uni” days) which means that you would pay 9 x 2 = $18 per child one time only and be good for the year!

Money collected from these days is donated to charities (ie. Terry Fox/Cops for Cancer/Remembrance Day (Veterans), etc.) as well as helping with Gr. 5 activities, school enhancement and to benefit overall student experience.

No Uni Days

  • Mon, Oct 31 – Costume Day
  • Fri, Nov 25 – Jersey Day
  • Thurs, Dec 15 – Pajama Day
  • Fri, Jan 20 – Twins Day
  • Tues, Feb 14 – Valentines Day
  • Fri, Mar 10 – Fave book Character Day *changed to Olympic Day for Reading Olympics
  • Fri, Apr 21 – Earth Day (earth colours or theme)
  • Fri, May 26 – Future day
  • Fri, Jun 9 – Beach Day/Tacky Tourist Day (date changed from Jun 16)

*Please pay ONLINE every time! Cash/chq payments at school level should be minimal or preferably not at all. Thank you for your help with this.