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Hot Lunch & Popcorn Orders

Online ordering is now OPEN for Hot Lunch AND Popcorn orders from September to December 2019 (Term 1)

Hot Lunch/Popcorn ordering info.:

Parents are able to purchase multiple lunches & popcorn at one time! By purchasing multiple at one time, it helps save on transaction fees which means more money for the school!

Term 1 Session Dates:

  • Sep 26 Popcorn - due Sep. 24 at 3pm
  • Oct 10 Popcorn 
  • Oct 18 Pizza & Sushi 
  • Nov 14 Popcorn
  • Nov 29 Subway 
  • Dec 13 Pizza & Sushi 
  • Dec 19 Popcorn 

MunchALunch Payment Process

Please note: MunchaLunch is no longer using Paypal servers, there is a new payment method which is very easy to use. Parents can pay by credit card (Visa / Mastercard) or with a Credit/Debit card as long as it contains 3 things:  card #, expiry, and cvc#.

After submitting your order, click next.

  • Select Pay by Credit Card
  • Enter Credit Card Info
  • Click Pay. Once processed you will receive an email confirmation of payment received.

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