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Hot Lunch

The next Hot Lunch Day is on March 16! Click here for the March Hot Lunch Letter. 

Click here for information on this month's NEW hot lunch option: Fuel Catering.

Hot Lunch will be Favourites Day by FUEL Catering. Online Ordering will be open from Tuesday, Feb. 27, to Wednesday, Mar. 7, at 3pm. Parents who cannot pay on-line, but need to pay via CASH or CHEQUE, must order online, then submit payment to the office at 2:45pm on Wednesday, Mar. 7. 

If you need assistance with ordering, or do not have access to the internet, please contact the hot lunch co-ordinator, Dee, at

Please note: MunchaLunch is no longer using Paypal servers, there is a new payment method which is very easy to use. Parents can pay by credit card (Visa / Mastercard) or with a Credit/Debit card as long as it contains 3 things:  card #, expiry, and cvc#.

After submitting your order, click next.

  • Select Pay by Credit Card
  • Enter Credit Card Info
  • Click Pay. Once processed you will receive an email confirmation of payment received.

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Click here for Hot Lunch Information.