Valentine's Day - No Uni

Feb 14 2024, All day

Show your School Spirit on Valentines Day

Students are invited to participate in Valentine's No Uni Day by wearing red, white, pink or purple (jeans are acceptable) on Wednesday, Feb. 14.  If students are not participating in our No Uni fundraiser, they are expected to be in their usual uniform attire.

"No Uni for a Toonie" for the year!

In an effort to streamline and reduce cash* being handled at schools we have set up our “No Uni for a Toonie” days with the option to be paid online in schoolcash. This also makes it easier for parents.

We have established a set number of these days (10 “no uni” days) which means that you would pay 10 x 2 = $20 per child one time only and be good for the year!

Money collected from these days is donated to charities (ie. Terry Fox, Remembrance Day (Veterans), etc.) as well as helping with Gr. 5 activities, school enhancement and to benefit overall student experience.