Div. 5-7 to Burnaby Village

Jun 4 2024, 9:15am - 1:45pm

Div. 5-7 classes will visit Burnaby Village Museum on Tuesday, Jun 4. The purpose of this field trip is: to learn more about cultural diversity, community, and our local environment.

Students will travel by school bus leaving Auguston at 9:15am to arrive at Burnaby Village by 10:30am. Students will then leave Burnaby Village at 12:30pm to arrive back at Auguston by 1:45pm.

Parents are asked to provide consent and contribute $19.00 in schoolcash for the cost of the bus, tour & carousel ride by Tuesday, May 28.

Approved volunteers are needed to accompany students on the bus (please indicate your request to volunteer in schoolcash and your participation will be confirmed by your child's teacher).

Volunteers MUST have the appropriate paperwork valid for the current school year and an approved criminal record check (CRC lasts 5 years).