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Blog: Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

Volunteer at Auguston

Are you interested in Volunteering at Auguston to help out with field trips, in the classroom, hot lunch and more?

All Volunteers must have a Criminal Record Check (CRC) completed, safety training and orientation, and the necessary forms submitted. Thank you for your support in completing the necessary requirements.

Not sure if you have already completed a Criminal Record Check and if it is current? Check with the office at auguston [at] (subject: Criminal%20Record%20Check) .

Volunteer Procedures (steps outlined below and in the attachments)

  1. Volunteer Checklist 2021.22
  2. Criminal Record Check (see checklist - not sure if you completed one? please email the school office)
  3. Communicable Disease guidelines, on-line training and quiz (see checklist)
  4. AP 416-1 Volunteer Letter
  5. AP 416-2.pdf Volunteer Application
  6. AP 416-4.pdf Confidentiality Understanding - Parent Volunteers and Non-Employees
  7. Site based Orientation (see checklist - by appointment with Mr. Colbert once the above are completed) ** You will be asked to complete a Health Assessment on the day of your orientation and each time you come into the school to volunteer. **

Please fill out the attachments electronically and send to auguston [at] (alternately, print and submit to the school office or come to the front door and ring the doorbell to request paper copies).

** You will be contacted by Mr. Colbert for a Site based Orientation once your Criminal Record Check, online safety training and orientation and all forms are completed. **

Thank you to our parents who are interested and available to volunteer here at Auguston.