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Local School Calendar

The Board of Education adopted the 2016/17 and 2017/18 local school calendars with ‘Option A - Two ParentTeacher Conference Days’. Both options meet the prescribed minimum hours of instruction that a board must offer. Each calendar includes a two-week winter vacation, a two-week spring vacation, and seven non-instructional days.

In the second year, school starts September 5, 2017 and ends June 28, 2018.

District to stay with two-week spring break for 2018-19

Abbotsford’s public schools will be keeping the two-week Spring break format for the 2018-2019 school year. At its February 27th public board meeting, the Abbotsford Board of Education approved and formalized the dates for next year’s calendar. This decision comes after parents and the community were invited to provide their feedback on whether schools should return to a one-week Spring Break, or stay with the two-week model.

Collectively, 3,712 people provided feedback over the course of a five-week period, with an 87% majority wanting to keep the two-week spring break. When broken down by segment, the Board recognized that 99% of teachers were in favour of the two-week Spring Break.

The Abbotsford Board of Education passed a motion to approve the two-week break, which will run from March 18th, 2019 to March 29th, 2019. Students will head back to class on Monday, April 1st, 2019.

The Abbotsford Board of Education is required to create a calendar that meets the legislated requirements of the School Act, and the Abbotsford District Teachers’ Association (ADTA) Collective Agreement. In recognition of the revised provincial curriculum, the Ministry of Education added a new “Curriculum Day” to the calendar, providing educational staff with opportunity to participate in further professional development.

All School Districts throughout British Columbia are required to confirm the school calendar for the following school year by March 31 of the current year.