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Roller Fun

Parents, please review and go over these expectations with your child should they choose to participate. Mr. Carmichael (Retired Principal and Auguston Volunteer) & Mr. Colbert (Principal) will be taking students outside (weather permitting) for some daily physical activity and Roller Fun. 

Roller Fun Dates (at lunch, after the eating bell):

  • Grade 5's on Fri, Jun 14
  • Grade 4's on Mon, Jun 17
  • Grade 3's on Tues, Jun 18

Roller Fun Guidelines/Expectations

1. The following ‘wheelies’ are permitted: skateboards; rip-sticks; roller blades; scooters; hover boards. No bicycles, please.

2. All participating students must wear a helmet. Wearing of wrist guards, elbow and knee pads is recommended if students have them. Please ensure students wear long pants if not wearing knee pads.

3. There will be chairs set up on the sidewalk for students to sit on while putting on their roller blades.

4. Students will not begin to ‘roll’ until Mr. Carmichael has shown them the route and direction of travel.

4. ‘Rolling’ is only to take place on the pavement (tarmac) of the bus round-about and the flat loop of parking lot closest to Mrs. McAllister’s classroom. There will be marker cones in place to separate the flow/direction of those taking part, and students need to respect the flow and not cut across that flow at any time.

5. Students are not to “jump” from the sidewalk curb onto the pavement (or vice versa) but rather are to stay on the pavement level the whole time.

6. Participating students need to exercise care and caution so they do not “crash” other rollers. In this way, everyone will stay safe and have lots of fun.

7. At the end of roller fun, students are to exit the rolling area carefully and dismount from their skateboards, rip-sticks, skateboards or sit on the chairs to remove their rollerblades.

8. All roller fun equipment is to go home at the end of the day, please.

9. Students must be made to understand that they are not to ‘roll’ on the school campus at any time during the school day, other than when supervised for special roller fun sessions.

Thank you, parents, for ensuring that the kids understand the ground rules for Roller Fun sessions. Much appreciated.

We’re all looking forward to a fun-filled and happy experience.

Location: parking lot