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October 29th 2021 (All day)

Costume Day

We understand that Oct. 31 is an exciting day for everyone!  We will have Costume Day on October 29.  This will be our second No Uni Day.

We, unfortunately, will not be having a parade this year due to health and safety guidelines. 

Please ensure your child’s costume is appropriate.  We want to support a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.  Please don’t have blood, gore, scary masks, fake weapons, or any costume which may make someone feel uncomfortable.  Students will be asked to take their costume masks off in their classrooms and in hallways.  Alternately, students should be in school uniform. 

Also, please do not send treats or snacks with your child to share with the class as this is not allowed at this time as per District Safety protocols.  The district has allowed Teachers to give a pre-wrapped treat or snack if they feel comfortable/if it is appropriate.  If you wish for your child not to receive something, please tell them to say, “no thank you, but I appreciate it.” 

As with all our safety guidelines, we are trying to minimize risk while at the same time doing what we can to have a fun and educational experience for our students.

We thank you for your support!

"No Uni for a Toonie" for the Year

Show your School Spirit

In an effort to streamline and reduce cash* being handled at schools we have set up our “No Uni for a Toonie” days with the option to be paid online in schoolcash. This also makes it easier for parents.

We have established a set number of these days (7 “no uni” days) which means that you would pay 7 x 2 = $14 per child one time only and be good for the year!

Money collected from these days is donated to charities (ie. Terry Fox/Cops for Cancer/Remembrance Day, etc.) as well as helping with Gr. 5 activities, school enhancement and to benefit overall student experience.

No Uni Days

Oct 18: Abbotsford Canucks
Oct 29: Costume Day for Halloween
Dec 17: PJ and Christmas Wear Day
Feb 14: Red/White/Pink/Purple Day for Valentine's
Apr 13: Multi-Cultural Day
Apr 22: Earth Day: Brown/Blue/Green
May 27: Be Your Self Day

*Please pay ONLINE every time! Cash/chq payments at school level should be minimal or preferably not at all. Thank you for your help with this.