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Join the Indigenous Education Program

The Abbotsford School District's Indigenous Education Department delivers culturally appropriate educational programs and services to support the academic and personal success of students who self-identify as being of Indigenous ancestry. The term "Indigenous ancestry" embraces all First Nations, status and non-status; Inuit; and Métis peoples.

Indigenous Support Workers and Teachers for Indigenous Success work throughout the school district to support students to meet their full potential at school, learn about the local Stó:lō culture, and embrace their cultural identity. By encompassing the values of consultation, communication, and collaboration, the work of the department and its team members supports the school district's 2019-2024 Enhancement Agreement. This foundational document sets the direction and ensures we remain committed to student success, cultural identity, and equity and access. 

Access the Benefits

If your child is of Indigenous ancestry, we courage you to access the benefits of our Indigenous Education Department. For every parent who self-identifies their child as having Indigenous ancestry, the school district receives additional targeted funding to develop further the programs and services offered to Indigenous students. 

In addition to direct support from the department's team members, students in this program also have access to literacy and academic support, cultural workshops, breakfast and lunch programs, special events and field trips. Our staff strive to develop layers of support at school that are personalized for students and based on information collected in consultation with parents.

The benefits are many! If your child has Indigenous Ancestry, you can sign up to join the Indigenous Education program at your school.

How do you register? 

  1. Let your School Principal know before September 28, 2022;
  2. Call the Indigenous Education Department (Ph: 604-859-1224), and we can assist you in connecting with the school; or
  3. Complete our Indigenous Education Consultation Form and submit it to the school principal. The school administrative assistant will enter this information into MyEd. We ask that parents of Indigenous students complete the consultation form each year. 

We encourage all parents who have children with Indigenous Ancestry to sign up today!

Current until: Wednesday, September 28th, 2022
Posted: Wednesday, September 14th, 2022