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Auguston Traditional Christmas Concert

Wed, Dec. 18 at 1:00pm & 6:30pm 

  • The Christmas Concert is the same performance in the afternoon and evening (2 performances of the same concert). Students are expected to attend both concerts. Student arrival time in the evening: 6:15 pm (Doors open at 6:15 pm)
  • Performer attire:   Classroom teachers will let students and parents know.
  • Choir:  Our choir students are asked to wear a black shirt, black pants/skirt and black shoes for our performance.  They will be given a red or green tie to wear. Please take your choir student to their classroom to sign in (and drop off their class performance attire with their teacher) and then have them report to the multi-purpose room, as the choir will be performing first.   They will have time to change for their classroom performance if needed as performances will progress thru the grades starting with kindergarten.
  • Tickets will be given as follows: 4 per family for the afternoon concert OR 2 per family for the evening concert. If you missed the INITIAL ticket request, please contact the office or your child's teacher. Please note: children under 2 years do NOT need to have their own seat, but MUST be sitting on their parents lap.
  • To be fair, all EXTRA tickets will be distributed thru the online EXTRA ticket request (online requests closed Dec. 11 at 3pm). If you requested EXTRA tickets on the initial survey, those will be disregarded. If the initial request was filled out more than once, the first request from each household will be filled. We will start with 1 EXTRA ticket per request. If you indicate that you would like more, we will accommodate your request to the best of our ability (issuing one extra ticket at a time) as we work through the list. We will try our best to accommodate, but we have limited space in our gymnasium. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Tickets will be sent home on Mon, Dec. 16, with the OLDEST (or ONLY) child per family.  Tickets will be collected at the door. If there is a change of plan, please return any tickets that will not be used by your family (students will not need a ticket as they will stay in their class until their performance).
  • If you have any questions regarding the tickets that are sent home, please contact your child's teacher (teachers will be distributing tickets to the oldest/only child in their class). Any further EXTRA tickets can be requested at the school office on Dec. 17/18 (not guaranteed and on a first come, first served basis). 

Current until: Wednesday, December 18th, 2019
Posted: Tuesday, November 26th, 2019