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Thank you for considering Auguston Traditional Elementary School. Auguston Traditional is a Kindergarten to Grade 5 "school of choice" traditional school within the Abbotsford School District. Auguston has an assigned catchment area (see school locator to find your child's catchment school), but also accepts out-of-catchment requests depending on space available. 

Registration information:

Requests for registration for the following September for Grades 1-5 begins February 1 (or the next school day after) and is done online (see Wait List for more information). Please note that Auguston does NOT have bussing to and from our school for out of catchment students. 

How to Register

Kindergarten Registration - families residing in Auguston's catchment have priority for registration - Requests for Kindergarten Registration for those outside of Auguston's catchment is done via a school district lottery process in January (the week kindergarten registration begins). If you would like to place a request for out of catchment after the lottery process closes, please see Wait List/Non-Catchment Requests. Click here for Kindergarten Registration information. 
Auguston's Registration Information - currently attending non-catchment students will NOT have to reapply to stay at Auguston for the 2019-20 school year (all currently attending K-Gr. 4 students will be re-enrolled for 2019-20) **IF YOU ARE MOVING next year and leaving Auguston Traditional, please contact the office**
Wait List/Non-Catchment Requests - if you have child/ren attending another school in Abbotsford School District and OUTSIDE of Auguston's catchment (also for any new out of catchment K's who missed the lottery process) and would like to place a request to register at Auguston, please see the Wait List.

Auguston Grade 5 Parents, please note: If you live in Clayburn's catchment, please return your child's Clayburn Registration package to your child's teacher by Wed, Feb. 13. 
If your Grade 5 student attends Auguston, but lives OUTSIDE of Clayburn's catchment, parents may fill out the Clayburn Registration package, BUT will need to submit a non-catchment form starting Feb. 1 (see Clayburn's website for information on Registration) .